Made In New Orleans

Typically when one thinks of a product “Made” they think of a raw good converted into a finished good as something made. While those natural resources are very beneficial to the production of their products, we believe a very important resource often overlooked are the people that live there.
Start with the children

Our definition of “Made” starts with the children. The children resemble “raw materials” as mentioned above. With love and the right type of guidance, we believe we can make healthy, caring, adults – finished goods.
1stSaturdays- the official monthly volunteer day at school sites
We have partnered with The Familyhood Connection Inc, a 501 C-3 non-profit corporation, which promotes a monthly volunteer day at school sites called 1st Saturdays.

1stSaturdays is a monthly volunteer day to build what The Familyhood Connection Inc calls #familyhood.
#Familyhood defines the schools in any community as the nucleus for communities development. By developing the children in each community first, the community becomes more developed according to #Familyhood. #Familyhood is driven by two main motto’s. 1) The Friends of School Motto which says, “every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and an Alumni Association (AA). 2) The Mo’ Better Food motto which say’s, “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.”


To advance a school towards #familyhood, the school should SAVE ALL DATES of the 1st Saturdays of the year as official monthly volunteer/recruitment days and sign up at will map their school as an official school site for volunteers (especially the schools SGA,PTA,AA) members as mentioned above) to assist in building/maintaining the schools garden, farmers market and eventually a grocery store.


We are seeking companies to join/ support #familyhood in New Orleans, LA. The companies that support #familyhood in New Orleans are the ones we define as certified “Made in New Orleans companies.”


Assuming your company has signed up to adopt the schools in their community or at the schools that are in the greatest need, your first benefit is to know that your organization/company is directly working to increase the opportunity for young people in the community you do business in. This benefit cannot be put in words because each child will have a different experience/story of how your company shared what your company does and how this interaction impacted their educational experience.

In addition to these “holistic” benefits your business gains by supporting the youth in its community directly by strengthening it’s Familyhood, your company will gain access to the marketing tools featured on our site. Which means you will be able to post events, jobs opportunities, add your business to our Business Directory and we will further this promotion through our social media outlets – mainly Facebook and

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