“Hotep” means peace in the ancient Kemetic language. The Adventures of Hotep was created by David N. Roach in his quest of creating peace by establishing self sufficient communities. His adventures to spread Hotep relate to his path of spreading #Familyhood.
#Familyhood define schools as the center for community development and utilizes its intergenerational population to start/manage school based enterprises.

#Familyhood is driven by two main motto’s: 1) The Friends of School Motto and The Mo’ Better Food Motto. The Friends of School motto says, “every school shall have a student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.” The Mo’ Better Food Motto states, “Every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.” The monthly volunteer/recruitment day called #1stSaturdays is the “do now” strategy to advance a community towards #Familyhood. Schools mark the 1st Saturdays on their schools calendar for the entire year, and 1stSaturdays.com and Made in D.C.org work together to promote local businesses to join in on the fun!

Follow Hotep on the joourney of building self sustaining communities from the people up!